Know about Brain Hemorrhage and Stroke

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Brain Hemorrhage and Stroke

The goal of the this session is to create awareness about Brain Hemorrhage and stroke including its Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & medication.
This session is intended for both current and prospective patients who are looking for information / solution on the same. This medical condition is also known as a brain bleed or an intracranial hemorrhage. For more, visit website

Causes and symptoms

It refers to bleeding in the brain and leaked blood in the brain may pool into a mass called a hematoma.
There are several factors can lead to a brain hemorrhage. These causes include:

  • head trauma or injuries
  • cerebral aneurysm, a weak area in an artery in the brain
  • high blood pressure
  • blood vessel abnormalities
  • blood or bleeding disorders
  • liver disease
  • brain tumor
  • drug abuse

Dr. Uday Bhaumik

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